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As President of the Queensland Motorcyle Council Inc. and on behalf of its committee and members I would like to welcome you to our websire and our organisation.

Graham Keys

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January Council Meeting

Management Committee Notice

The QMC Management Committee wish to notify everyone that the first Committee meeting for 2024 will be held at 7:00pm on 8 th February 2024 at the Mitchelton Library. There will not be any Management Committee meeting held in January 2024.

Safe riding and all the best for 2024.

Painted Surface Slipping Problems

Have you hit a section of coloured/painted surface, skidded or slipped, and suffered damage to yourself and/or your motorcycle? Here are some tips that may help you get compensation.


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A.T.G.A.T.T (All The Gear All The Time)

The QMC encourages riders to always dress for the ride. From a motorcycle road safety perspective this means using appropriate protective clothing. The QMC does not support any move to have motorcycle protective clothing standards mandated but rather to encourage riders to make smart choices in how they dress for the ride.

To help you make good choices in protective clothing a very useful resource is the MotoCAP web site. MotoCAP provides a safety rating scorecard for various protective clothing including jackets, pants and gloves. You can check out the MotoCAP web site at https://motocap.com.au/

Pothole Problems???

Have you suffered damage to your motorcycle and/or personal injury as the result of hitting a pothole?

See the attached document for information on how to proceed with making a claim against the relevant road authority.

The QMC would like to express our thanks to Verity Smith from Motorcycle Law Queensland for her valuable input into this document.

Here is the link to their Facebook page.

Here is a link to the document

Tip 1
It is wise to carry your own tyre pressure gauge to use when checking or filling your tyres. Gauges may vary from location to location and having your own to check with will ensure consistency.
Tip 3
Always check your chain tension while sitting on the seat. Get a friend to measure the chain slack and adjust as needed. Too tight can damage the gearbox and too loose can make noisy gear changes.
Tip 2
Adjusting your brake and clutch levers so they are in line with your extended fingers and fit comfortably under you finger joints will improve your control. Do the same with rear brake and gear lever. Make the bike fit you not the other way around.