Queensland Motorcycle Council Inc.

engages in activities

 known internally as


Project Framework

The Queensland Motorcycle Council Inc. engages in activities known internally as "Projects".

• Projects are overseen by our "Program Manager"

• Projects are headed up by a "Project Manager"

• Projects are conducted in an Agile Methodology using the principles of "Prince 2"

Project Structure

The QMC organises its projects around the Safe Systems Framework.

• used by most governments in Australia and around the world.

• allows the QMC to present a structured view of projects that aligns with how governments structure their strategic planning.

View the Project Structure Mind Map.Open here..

Our Current Projects

Lane Filtering

Aspects of the Dept of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) interpretation are incorrect.

More detailsHere.

Benefits of Motorcycling to the Community

Gather relevant data and information from a range of sources to support the stated benefits of motorcycling to the community.

Adressing the anomalies in the lane filtering rules with TMR and QPS

More detailsHere.

Culture of Driving/Riding Project

We lose roughly 1100 persons in Australia to road trauma yearly, not to mention the injuries to persons, property and the huge demand for repairs, treatment and the psychological damage inflicted on families and the workplace. The idea is to address this by putting forward ideas and systems.......................

More detailsHere.

Our Future Projects

Covid Safe Poker Run /membership drive / charity fundraiser

Qld licensing process review

Our Past Projects

Forming and Incorporating Queensland Motorcycle Council Inc.

Creating branding and promotional material

Parliamentary Enquiry into Road Safety and Vehicle modifications and Standards

Our Achievements to date

Regular meetings with Acting Superintendent Peter Flanders QPS

Regular meetings with Managers and Engineers at TMR

Regular invitations to participate in TMR and QPS events

Join in with us and add your input and expertise and maybe lead a project of your own

Tip 1
Many riders are comfortable to rely on "engine braking" to slow their bike on a familiar road.
Tip 3
True control of deceleration is achieved when the rider uses the front and rear brakes as needed .
Tip 2
"Engine Braking" is an unpredictable science and is influenced by many variables.( For this reason many models of bikes are fitted with "slipper" type clutches.