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Memebership types. How to become a member

Membership Types

Queensland Motorcycle Council Inc. has four membership types:

• Full Members

• Affiliate Members

• Member Clubs

• Patrons

Each of the membership types offers different benefits . To learn more about each type Click here

Meet our Executive Committee Members

Meet our Ordinary Committee Members

How to become a member

• Read the Constitution and the Code of Conduct and By-Laws of the Queensland Motorcycle Council Inc.

• Fill out the applicable membership application form

• Pay the membership fee if applicable into our bank account

• Forward the membership form and a screen shot of the payment to us

To apply for full membership Click here...($10 per year )

To apply for affilliate membership Click here...($5 one off fee to cover laminated certificate and postage)

To apply for your club to have membership Click here...($50 per year )

To access the Constitution and the Code of Conduct and By-Laws etc. Click here...

Tip 1
Proper chain maintenance has many benefits. Improved chain and sprocket life as well as handling and rider experience.
Tip 3
A quality chain lube should be applied to the inner side of the rollers while rotating the wheel. If you have a non "O" ring chain then extra should be applied along the side plates too.
Tip 2
Chain sag should be checked regularly with a rider on the bike and adjusted to the manufacturers tolerance. Too loose a chain can make gear changes feel notchy and too tight not only increases wear it can twist the rear under hard acceleration.