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Queensland Riders Need a Voice

When the Motorcycle Riders Association of Queensland (MRAQ) was wound up in 2020 a huge gap in representation at government, industry and community levels was left.

The Queensland Motorcycle Council has been formed to be the representative body for all motorcyclists and other powered two-wheel vehicle riders in Queensland.

The Queensland Motorcycle Council is your voice

The Queensland Motorcycle Council has been formed by passionate riders - just like you - and highly experienced industry figures to speak for you.

The aims of the Queensland Motorcycle Council are:

• to establish relationships with, and lobby to, all levels of government and industry on your behalf;

• to influence policies and regulations that affect the safety of riders;

• to work with other road user groups to promote the overall safety of all road users;

• to work with other road user groups to promote the benefits of motorcycles in our community;

• to educate government, motorcycle riders and other road users in the unique challenges riders face on our roads.

Our Methodology

• To provide a platform to establish relationships with, and lobby to, all levels of government and industry;

• To provide and promote links with the State Government and its instrumentalities, and local councils;

• To providee and promote links to third party bodies involved in road safety, including but not limited to research groups;

• To provide and promote links with the general public, including but not limited to resident associations, to improve and enhance the image of motorcycling;

• To provide and improve all aspects of road safety with respect to motorcycling in Queensland;

• To recognise, promote and improve the beneficial use of motorcycles for work purposes, commuting and recreational use within the transport network across planning, systems and maintenance;

• To recognise and promote the physical and psychological benefits of motorcycling;

• To work with relevant training groups and authorities to improve, enhance and encourage life-long learning of motorcycle riding skills;

• To participate in community and charitable services and activities as appropriate.

Members and Membership.

QMC membership also offers a unique opportunity. Members can opt to assist or even lead in projects. Or undertake roles in the organisation. It could be an opportunity to gain skills in Project Management, Website design and maintenance, Researching issues, Drafting documents etc. This opportunity could be used in a resume or maybe as a university elective subject. You will build a solid network which extends in many directions such as government, community and industry. If you are interested then attend one of our meetings and speak to a committee member.

• Meet our Executive Committee Members

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Join us to add your voice

Numbers carry weight and the Queensland Motorcycle Council needs you to become a member to be able to bring about change and make our voice stronger and louder.

When you join the Queensland Motorcycle Council you are also joining tens of thousands of riders in other states that already have a strong representation to government.

For more information about how to join us click on the Membership tab or just click Here

You can contact us by email by clicking here

Tip 1
Proper chain maintenance has many benefits. Improved chain and sprocket life as well as handling and rider experience.
Tip 3
A quality chain lube should be applied to the inner side of the rollers while rotating the wheel. If you have a non "O" ring chain then extra should be applied along the side plates too.
Tip 2
Chain sag should be checked regularly with a rider on the bike and adjusted to the manufacturers tolerance. Too loose a chain can make gear changes feel notchy and too tight not only increases wear it can twist the rear under hard acceleration.